shawl plain

ambas italy

A Natural zati white
G 90 navy blue white
J 146 lavender natural
I 66 duckblue natural
H black white
F 239 salvia 224lilac
E 180D red 182 ginger bread
D 146 mauve 174 green
C 170 green 184acqua
B 90D blue 90L blue

Everything is made by hand: from the gathering of cashmere fleece in the Himalayas, to the spinning and weaving on traditional handlooms. It takes about two weeks to make one shawl. Dyed cashmere yarn produces desired colours which are then woven/ blended . These Shawls are weaved with a diamond pattern called chasme bulbul in Kashmiri (the nightingale’s eye). The weave always has a base, which is mixed with another colour. All the Ambas Shawls are two meters by one, all are hand made and thus precious and imperfectly perfect.

Because of the variations in monitor calibrations and technology, colors, scale and texture can vary — sometimes greatly, swatch colors aren't guaranteed to be accurate.

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