shawl GK couture

ambas italy

10 Spa blue 28 Calla Green
10 Spa blue 43 Strawberry Pink
11 Blue Tint 19 Capri blue
13 Nero 13 Nero
16 Grezzo 13 Nero
23 Ensign blue 39 Burnt Sienna
28 Calla Green 10 Spa blue
29 Perrier 23 Ensign blue
32 Pale Yellow 38 Pale Pink
38 Pale Pink 55 Mellow Rose
39 Burnt Sienna 23 Ensign blue
55 Mellow Rose 28 Calla Green
55 Mellow Rose 55 Mellow Rose

These incredibly light shawls in 100% extra pure superfine wool are trimmed with pure silk chiffon in a contrast color.  Inspired by Grace Kelly in Hitchcock's movie 'to catch a thief'. The result is an enchanting feathery feminine shawl for a very special woman. All the Ambas Shawls are two meters by one, all are hand made and thus precious and imperfectly perfect.

Because of the variations in monitor calibrations and technology, colors, scale and texture can vary — sometimes greatly, swatch colors aren't guaranteed to be accurate.

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